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The properly named “House of the Flowers”, or Tika Wasi in Quechua, is an long-running family establishment that was previously utilized as a Jesuit center as well as a tannery. Then came the family home where the merchant grandfather started his trade. From there comes the architect, poet, painter and photographer, and the lady of the roses alongside him, that maintained the grandfather’s traditions while never losing the beauty of the gardens surrounding them as a focus point in their work and lives.

The children frolicked and played in the eucalyptus forrests that surround the area and games like three boys and a little princess instilled even more life and laughter into the space.

The home was often a resting stop for travellers and visitors (and even some interesting characters) such as the French man who forever left his mark or the White Christ sculptur that had his workshop there.

Tika Wasi is a sanctuary for traditions, both from Cusco as well as the family itself, starting with the architect’s love for Inca culture and their constructions as well as his photographs of Cusco from many years prior. The space also pays homage to February’s colorful Carnaval celebrations, perfectly cooked potatoes in traditional “huatias”, and the legendary flowers and gardens on the land that each following generation has continued to care for.

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