Casa Boutique

Tikawasi which in the Quechua language means “Casa de las Flores”. Family home, formerly a Jesuit shelter, in another time a tannery, where the merchant grandfather started the tradition. The architect followed, also a poet, painter and photographer, and next to her the lady of the roses and the art of her hands... always with flowers as the axis. And the trees. In the eucalyptus forest that surrounds the house the children played. The sharing of the games of three children and a princess, which today maintain the inherited spirit.

Travelers' inn, place of arrival of people and characters, such as the Frenchman who left his seal marked, or the sculptor of the White Christ who had his workshop there.

Protection of the traditions of Cusco, with the work of the architect in love with the Inca culture and its perfect architecture, and as a photographer rescuing images of the city. The color of the carnivals of the month of February. The potatoes cooked in huatias... and always the homage to the flowers, replicated by each generation.

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